About Spoilerpiece

“Spoilerpiece Theatre” is a weekly film podcast hosted by Boston Online Film Critics Association members Evan Crean, Megan Kearns, and Dave Riedel. Each week we help you decide what to watch by reviewing movies (and occasionally television) without letting spoilers get in the way of good discussion.

Our show is edited by Otto Klammer and our logo was designed by Rita Csizmadia.

To listen to “Spoilerpiece Theatre” check out our Where to Listen page to see all the places you can find us.

Opening music: “My Life as a God” by Augean Stables. Closing music: “Pants Party” by Oilhead.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok as well for updates, episode previews, and other great content. And if you want to support the show, visit our Patreon, and sign up to receive exclusive audio and other goodies.

Have a question or comment about the podcast? Email us at: spoilerpiece AT gmail DOT COM. If you’re curious about our film reviews and other movie-related content, check out our links below.

Evan Crean (@reelrecon)
Your ’80s Movie Guide to Better Living (Evan’s Book)

Megan Kearns (@OpinionessWorld)

David Riedel (@daveseesmovies)

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