THE PREDATOR and THE WIFE on Episode #218

A Predator from the movie The Predator aiming a red laser from its mask at the camera with a canon on its shoulder.

The picture is way cooler than anything that’s actually *in* THE PREDATOR

Two new big releases on the show this week. After Dave corrects a mistake he made in last week’s episode (re: whether TRESPASS by Genesis was released in 1970 or 1971), they get into THE WIFE (3:30), which features a fine performance by Jonathan Pryce and an EPIC Glenn Close performance. Kris and Dave disagree on how good it is (and Kris gets in a good dig at Dave at about 14:30), but they’re definitely on the same page about Close’s performance (also, Dave mixed up his pronouns at 20:59 and should have said, “He takes that from her,” not the other way around). Then it’s Shane Black’s THE PREDATOR (30:04), which everyone saw. Two-thirds of the guys hated it and one-third liked it. If you are a Patreon member (, you’ll find THREE pieces of extra audio on the Patreon page over the next few days.


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