Liam Neeson holds a rife and looks into the sight in the movie The Marksman

For a movie called THE MARKSMAN, we expected a lot more marksmanship

Megan and Evan start this week’s show with MLK/FBI (3:55), Sam Pollard’s compelling documentary about the FBI’s despicable campaign to intimidate and discredit Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights movement. Next, they cover Alex McAulay’s DON’T TELL A SOUL (12:52), a crime drama thriller about teen brothers (Fionn Whitehead and Jack Dylan Grazer) matching wits with a man (Rainn Wilson) at the bottom of the well. Then, Dave, Megan, and Evan review Vincent Parronaud’s HUNTED (26:44), a wild, modern horror take on the Little Red Riding Hood tale; a woman (Lucie Debay) meets a friendly man (Arieh Worthalter) and is kidnapped and chased. And lastly, they wrap up with the latest Liam Neeson January action movie, THE MARKSMAN (45:16), about a rancher veteran who begrudgingly helps a Mexican boy (Jacob Perez) pursued by a drug cartel. This week’s Patreon bonus audio is a Patron’s choice: Iain Softley’s 1995 cyberpunk film HACKERS.


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