INTERSTELLAR, BIG HERO 6, and (whoops) MORE HORROR on Episode #17


We cover a lot of ground this week. Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR! BIG HERO 6! And Evan brings up that last week we forgot to talk about GHOULIES (which screened at the Halloween horror overnighter that our guest Deirdre Crimmins and Dave talked about). Plus, we talk about Robert Zemeckis and his crappy motion capture movies; Eddie Money songs; Evan cracks himself up; Kris mentions that he does research; and Dave tries to remember the theme song to the Saturday morning cartoon DROIDS.

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2 thoughts on “INTERSTELLAR, BIG HERO 6, and (whoops) MORE HORROR on Episode #17

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  2. I hated Interstellar a lot. The only thing I liked was the design of the robots. At first, when the robot is just kind of leaning around–how it seems to get around by falling forward, as if on crutches–I thought, why doesn’t this thing just have wheels? And it’s the one question the movie actually answers. (It can be a wheel, too!) I was hoping it would address it, and it does, and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Other than that, I hated it.


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