READY PLAYER ONE, PANDAS, and lots of movies from the Boston Underground Film Festival on Episode #194

Tye Sheridan wearing VR gear in READY PLAYER ONE.There’s a lot of show this week on Spoilerpiece. First, Dave updates everyone on CHRONOLOGICAL COENS (4:05). Then Kris and Evan share their experiences covering lots of movies at the Boston Underground Film Festival (5:58), beginning with MY NAME IS MYEISHA (9:00), and followed by PIN CUSHION (13:36), THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD (15:30), LET THE CORPSES TAN (18:32), THE RANGER (21:58), TOP KNOT DETECTIVE (27:47), MEXMAN (28:40), REVENGE (30:05),  TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID (30:54), and BAD MANNERS (31:49), the only movie Kris and Evan reeeeeeeally disagree on. Dave gives a quick rundown of the new IMAX movies PANDAS (35:00). Finally, it’s Steven Spielberg’s big-ass adaptation of READY PLAYER ONE (36:33). There’s serious ’80s regression during this section, kids. Thanks to our patrons! Some exclusive audio from this episode will be out by Saturday!


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