Jillian Bell running down an empty city street in workout clothes in the movie Brittany Runs a Marathon
Jillian Bell goes the distance in BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON

This week the guys stumble upon an aggressive new business idea for the Wahlbergs, while discussing a recent event at Evan’s company. After that Kris and Evan briefly revisit three festival movies they reviewed many moons ago on the show (3:33) that are finally available to watch: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, LUCE, and TONE-DEAF. They quickly recap the reasons why each is worth watching before Evan delves into FIDDLER: MIRACLE OF MIRACLES (13:24), a delightful documentary about the iconic musical FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. He effectively spoilerpieces Dave and Kris into wanting to see it by sharing its fascinating facts, poignant social commentary, and humorous interviews. Then Dave wraps things up with BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON (29:30), a funny, well-cast film starring Jillian Bell that he found thoroughly relatable as someone in the process of training for a marathon himself. For bonus commentary – sign up for the Spoilerpiece Patreon so you can hear the guys dissect HIGHLANDER and HIGHLANDER II in this week’s exclusive audio.

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READY PLAYER ONE, PANDAS, and lots of movies from the Boston Underground Film Festival on Episode #194

Tye Sheridan wearing VR gear in READY PLAYER ONE.There’s a lot of show this week on Spoilerpiece. First, Dave updates everyone on CHRONOLOGICAL COENS (4:05). Then Kris and Evan share their experiences covering lots of movies at the Boston Underground Film Festival (5:58), beginning with MY NAME IS MYEISHA (9:00), and followed by PIN CUSHION (13:36), THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD (15:30), LET THE CORPSES TAN (18:32), THE RANGER (21:58), TOP KNOT DETECTIVE (27:47), MEXMAN (28:40), REVENGE (30:05),  TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID (30:54), and BAD MANNERS (31:49), the only movie Kris and Evan reeeeeeeally disagree on. Dave gives a quick rundown of the new IMAX movies PANDAS (35:00). Finally, it’s Steven Spielberg’s big-ass adaptation of READY PLAYER ONE (36:33). There’s serious ’80s regression during this section, kids. Thanks to our patrons! Some exclusive audio from this episode will be out by Saturday!


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