Oscars roundup, CLIMAX, and GRETA with special guest Charlie Nash on Episode #242


Friend of the show Charlie Nash returns to Spoilerpiece! This week kicks off with the highs, lows, and low-lows of this year’s Oscars (1:39). The show benefited from no host and some deserving folks got some trophies, but unfortunately ended with the worst Best Picture winner in at least a decade. Then, Charlie takes us through CLIMAX (22:15), a true spectacle from Gaspar Noé. It’s everything you expect from the French boundary-pusher, condensed into his most compelling — and least forgiving — experiment yet. The gang wraps things up with GRETA (31:20), a campy, trashy good time from Neil Jordan starring the immortal Isabelle Huppert.


Download Here– and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher! Call us at 862-21PIECE (862-217-4323) or send us an e-mail: spoilerpiece AT gmail.com.


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