AD ASTRA, ABOMINABLE, MONOS and Kris’s last show on Episode #272!

In a spacesuit Brad Pitt looks out the window of a spacecraft in the movie Ad Astra
Brad Pitt looks longingly out the window in the reflective AD ASTRA

Yes, you read that correctly – after five years as cohost, Kris is leaving the show, but not before he shares some memories of his wedding with Dave and Evan. Then it’s on to the movies! First up, Kris recaps AD ASTRA (17:51), the James Gray film featuring Brad Pitt as an astronaut wrestling with his identity after discovering the true fate of his father. It’s worth a watch, even if it’s not your kind of movie, and may win you over with its great lead performance, excellent visuals, and good intentions. Then it’s ABOMINABLE (29:13), a family movie about a yeti. It’s good, and you won’t hate yourself if you bring your child/niece/nephew/babysittee to kill a few hours. Dave and Evan close things out with MONOS (39:40), a brutal film about child soldiers that is well made, but fails to resonate beyond its fine performances and excellent score.

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