MARRIAGE STORY and the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) on Episode #281

Adam Driver kisses Scarlett Johansson on the cheek while she laughs with her eyes closed in the movie Marriage Story
Enjoy this moment because it will never be this nice again in MARRIAGE STORY.

Evan leads off this week with reviews of documentaries he saw at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM). First, it’s SPACE DOGS (4:15) and LOS REYES (6:10). Then IN THE NAME OF THE SCHEHERAZADE OR THE FIRST BEERGARDEN IN TEHRAN (8:15), AMUSSU (10:20), and THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY MOTHER (12:30). He wraps up with NOMAD: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BRUCE CHATWIN (17:35), and nĂ®pawistamâsowin: WE WILL STAND UP (21:51). For the main event, everyone digs into Noah Baumbach’s beautiful and heartbreaking film MARRIAGE STORY.

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