Scarlett Johansson squints into the distance as wreckage smolders around her in the movie Black Widow
We were excited to see Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow’s long-overdue standalone film.

Kicking things off this week, we review Everardo Gout’s THE FOREVER PURGE (5:58), the latest entry in the PURGE franchise! It stars Ana de la Reguera, Tenoch Huerta, and Josh Lucas. Megan and Dave discuss its relevance to recent American political events and why they really dug its political commentary. Next, we all talk about Chris McKay’s long and disappointing sci-fi flick THE TOMORROW WAR (23:54), which has decent action, but a lot of bad writing and acting (especially from Chris Pratt). We wrap up with Cate Shortland’s much anticipated movie BLACK WIDOW (40:48), starring Scarlett Johansson in the second female-led superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of us loved it, but two of us had some mixed feelings about its performances and pacing. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we tackle Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody’s 2009 horror comedy JENNIFER’S BODY


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MARRIAGE STORY and the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) on Episode #281

Adam Driver kisses Scarlett Johansson on the cheek while she laughs with her eyes closed in the movie Marriage Story
Enjoy this moment because it will never be this nice again in MARRIAGE STORY.

Evan leads off this week with reviews of documentaries he saw at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM). First, it’s SPACE DOGS (4:15) and LOS REYES (6:10). Then IN THE NAME OF THE SCHEHERAZADE OR THE FIRST BEERGARDEN IN TEHRAN (8:15), AMUSSU (10:20), and THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY MOTHER (12:30). He wraps up with NOMAD: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BRUCE CHATWIN (17:35), and nîpawistamâsowin: WE WILL STAND UP (21:51). For the main event, everyone digs into Noah Baumbach’s beautiful and heartbreaking film MARRIAGE STORY.

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AVENGERS: ENDGAME and Laura Steinel’s FAMILY on Episode #250!!

The cast-offs and the also-rans join the big swingin’ dicks to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame

It’s Spoilerpiece episode #250! Yay! Thanks for being with us as we reach this sort of arbitrary but still cool milestone! On this week’s show there’s talk of Passover…and then movies! And all three guys have seen the movies on the docket. First, it’s writer-director Laura Steinel’s Taylor Schilling-starring FAMILY (5:52), a comedy about a career-focused woman, her niece, and Juggalos. Then it’s AVENGERS: ENDGAME (22:26), the final (?) movie in this phase of the Marvel cinematic universe. And yes, we spoil the ever-loving crap out of it. Stay tuned through the closing music to hear a special message from one of our listeners.

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Zoe Kravitz, Jillian Bell, Scarlett Johansson, Ilana Glazer, and Kate McKinnon in ROUGH NIGHT.

ROUGH NIGHT is pretty rough. Too bad it’s not funnier.

We begin episode 153 with a brief discussion of annoying T-shirts. Then it’s on to the annoying ROUGH NIGHT (3:35). More like ROUGH MOVIE, AMIRITE? Anyspray, it has Kris saying more than once, “I wish it were funnier.” Then Evan regales Kris and Dave with the truly fucked-up sounding THE BOOK OF HENRY (31:38), a movie that feels as if it’s actually 14 different movies crammed into one. Kris takes us down to the basement for a recap of the creepy HELL HOUSE LLC (43:45), and Dave chomps at the bit to get into 47 METERS DOWN (56:32), a Mandy Moore movie that features some sharks, some blood, and the incomparably not-great Matthew Modine. Stay tuned after the closing credits for extra silliness.


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Hey-o! It’s THE BABADOOK on Episode #21. Like, for realz, this movie is scary as hell. It’s also awards-caliber excellent. We also get into UNDER THE SKIN because Evan saw it and it’s awards season, so it’s totes worth talking about. Plus, Dave pretends he’s Ed Bradley from 60 MINUTES while Kris regales us with his favorite tales about YTMND from the Internet of yore.

Listen Here:

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Luc Besson’s “Lucy” starring Scarlett Johansson: This week on “Spoilerpiece Theatre”


On Friday, July 25, 2014, we’ll be talking about Luc Besson’s Lucy. We’ll also be talking about — if Dave remembers to bring it up — the hashtag #whatifthepurgewasreal, the weird Twitter trend that popped up with the release of The Purge: Anarchy. See you Friday morning!