INTO THE WOODS, ANNIE, and UNBROKEN! And Merry Christmas on Episode #24

"This is a crap movie but I'll put my heart and soul into it because Im Meryl Streep."

“This is a crap movie but I’ll put my heart and soul into it because I’m Meryl Streep.”

Merry Christmas! Happy (belated) Hanukkah! And, DUDE: Dave goes OFF on an epic anti-musical rant before we even get to INTO THE WOODS. Plus, Kris takes ANNIE apart, and Evan was pulled in two directions by UNBROKEN. We make some Marky Mark jokes, and the ending is a little looser than normal, but that’s because we all wanted to get home for tha holidays. Hope you got everything you wanted this year, from world peace to THE INTERVIEW On Demand!

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