PREY and RESURRECTION on Episode #421

Amber Midthunder hides behind a tree while a Predator stalks her in the movie PreyWe take on two movies this week. The first is the Andrew Semans psychological thriller RESURRECTION (3:16), a tense and visually arresting movie featuring a powerhouse performance by Rebecca Hall, and an ambiguous ending that leaves us divided. The second movie we review is Dan Trachtenberg’s PREY (25:08), an artful, authentic, and action-packed origin story in the PREDATOR franchise about a Comanche warrior (Amber Midthunder) who takes on a Predator in 1719. And in our Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Nicholas Meyer’s 70s sci-film TIME AFTER TIME starring Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, and Mary Steenburgen. 


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Ed Helms and Lake Bell sitting next to each other on the couch with disappointed looks in I DO...UNTIL I DON'T.

Ed Helms and Lake Bell reflecting on their marriage in I DO…UNTIL I DON’T.

This week the guys explore ideas for new expletives that are safe to use around children before they dig into the movies. Since it’s the end of August, there aren’t as many to discuss, although they do have a couple of recaps and two new releases, as well as some fun tangents in between. First, Dave recaps THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE (3:32), a Boston gangster movie from the 70s with Robert Mitchum that was actually shot in the city. Following a tangent on another Boston movie, THE DEPARTED, Evan Crewinds everyone to the 80s with REAL GENIUS (15:08), a cute comedy that causes the guys to wish Val Kilmer could be their college roommate too. Then all three guys review I DO…UNTIL I DON’T (24:36), the disappointing sophomore effort by Lake Bell, which has some sweet moments, and some misguided ideas about documentaries. Lastly, Evan and Dave spoilerpiece CROWN HEIGHTS (43:09), a wrongful conviction film that showcases great performances and makes excellent points about the American criminal justice system, but feels much longer than it should due to its shifting perspectives.


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