KEANU stars the most adorable cat of all time. No wonder everyone is fighting over him!

Dave shares songs he has sung with Henry’s name in them, which gives Kris the chance to suggest something extremely clever. After that, Kris reveals his strategy for seeing movies at IFFBoston (also happening this week). Then he quickly follows that up with a segment of “Keepin’ up with the Jensons” where he describes how Evan’s spoilerpiecing of GREEN ROOM allowed him to notice impressive things about its storytelling techniques. Talking about GREEN ROOM’s use of animals lets the guys easily move on to KEANU, the film they all saw this week. KEANU has the cutest fucking cat you’ve ever seen, and it covers comedic territory that has been mined before, although it’s very funny thanks to Key and Peele. Plus it has connections to NEW JACK CITY and George Michael that are hilarious. Finally, Evan wraps up by reviewing the Asghar Farhadi picture FIREWORKS WEDNESDAY. This Iranian drama about the difficulties of marriage was such an engrossing piece, that he struggled to break away from it when he had to leave for work. He finished it later though, and thought it was fantastic, even after it rambled on for a bit.

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