THE SHAPE OF WATER, THE DARKEST HOUR, and Crewind on Episode #178

Sally Hawkins staring at amphibious creature in THE SHAPE OF WATER.

Sally Hawkins romancing a manfish in THE SHAPE OF WATER.

We kick off this week’s Spoilerpiece with a Crewind — also known as Evan Can Wait and God Save the Crean — in which Evan recaps his experiences with LOGAN (eh), BATTLE OF THE SEXES (good), and LAST FLAG FLYING (wow) (4:02, 9:30, 15:29 respectively). Next up is Dave with THE DARKEST HOUR (20:11), in which Gary Oldman portrays Winston Churchill in the earliest days of Britain’s involvement in World War II. It’s a bit of a recitation of well-established facts, but Oldman doing anything can never be totally boring, making this a mixed bag. Last up is all three guys with Guillermo del Toro’s THE SHAPE OF WATER (32:11). If you like del Toro, you know what to expect. If you don’t, well, you also know what to expect, only moreso.


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