THE UPSIDE, BANDERSNATCH, and Sean Baker films with special guest Greg Vellante on Episode #235!

Bryan Cranston sits in the passenger seat looking out an open window with Kevin Hart in the driver's seat also looking out in the film The Upside.
Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart try their best in THE UPSIDE

This week we’re joined by friend of the show Greg Vellante! Greg kicks things off with a recap of Sean Baker’s career. Best known for recent successes like TANGERINE and THE FLORIDA PROJECT, there are some real gems early in his filmography, in particular TAKE OUT (3:57). Stay tuned for Greg’s piece in Spectrum Culture! Next up, all three guys spent some time with BANDERSNATCH (18:37), the standalone BLACK MIRROR film where the viewer decides what happens next — or is it simply the illusion of choice?! Closing out the episode is THE UPSIDE (31:12), which is a very misleading name. There are no upsides to this movie.

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