LIFE OF THE PARTY, BREAKING IN, LU OVER THE WALL, and “Keeping Up with the Jensons” on Episode 200!

Melissa McCarthy wearing a ridiculous sparkly 80s outfit at an 80s dance off in Life of the Party.

Melissa McCarthy kicks it old school in LIFE OF THE PARTY.

Hey everybody! It’s the 200th episode of Spoilerpiece Theatre! You may have noticed some different music at the opening to commemorate it. We also recorded on Kris’s birthday, so the opening muzak is doubly significant! We kick things off with an episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE JENSONS covering THE LOST BOYS (3:20). Following a spirited discussion of whether garlic works on these vampires a brief recap of Jason Patrick movies, the guys move on to BREAKING IN (13:00), a.k.a. GABRIELLE UNION KILLS SOME DUDES WHO THREATEN HER CHILDREN, which only Dave saw. (Note: This movie is super violent, and notice how Dave gets all the violent movies?) Next is Evan with LU OVER THE WALL (25:37), a weird mermaid tale that he struggled to watch (and Kris takes a detour to Tangent Street so he can talk about THE LURE, another mermaid movie). Finally, all three hosts saw the Melissa McCarthy vehicle LIFE OF THE PARTY (36:15).


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Arnold Schwarzenegger in TERMINATOR GENISYS

Arnold’s hilariously awkward smile in TERMINATOR GENISYS

Jaskee Hickman of Cinematic Essential joins Evan and Kris this week to talk about Russian jokes gone awry before jumping into MAGIC MIKE XXL and TERMINATOR GENISYS. No one knows whether MAGIC MIKE XXL should be pronounced “ex-ex-el” or “double ex-el,” but either way Kris makes it sound like a fun movie ‘for people who want to watch the guys be awesome sexy dancer dudes.” Then the three of them examine TERMINATOR GENISYS. Evan asks nagging questions about various plot points, Kris confuses Matt Smith with Matt Walsh, and Jaskee talks about the parts that worked for him. Everything wraps up with tangents about DVD menus and what other movies we’re looking forward to this summer.

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