Festival Roundup, ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL, ARCTIC, HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U, and RUSSIAN DOLL on Episode #240

Jessica Rothe screaming angrily in the movie Happy Death Day 2 U
Jessica Rothe is a riot in the sci-fi comedy sequel HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U.

On this week’s show, Evan runs us through his week in festivals: Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Boston Israeli Film Festival (3:43). Then Kris makes the case for why you should take ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL (10:25) seriously and see it this weekend — prove the pundits wrong! Dave recaps ARCTIC (21:08), a strong film featuring Mads Mikkelsen in a grueling, survivalist role. Kris and Evan then wrap up with HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U and RUSSIAN DOLL (34:25), which arguably have similar plots but take them in radically different — and both extremely entertaining — directions.


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