EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE with Dan and Chris from Film Trace on Episode #408

Michelle Yeoh sweeps her arm in a martial arts move with flying papers and a googly eye on her forehead in the movie Everything Everywhere All at OnceMegan is on vacation this week so Evan and Dave are joined by Dan and Chris from the podcast Film Trace! They’re only talking about one movie, but that’s because there’s a lot to say about the Daniels’ latest film EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. They dig into this bonkers sci-fi action adventure comedy, discussing its hilarious absurdity, its incredible performances, its terrific editing, stunning special effects, and more. Plus, on this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, which is open to everyone for one week, Chris and Dan join Evan and Dave to talk about Robert Aldrich’s 1962 thriller WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford! 


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Daniel Craig gestures with his hand laying out his theory while Ana de Armas sits by a throne of knives in the movie Knives Out.
Daniel Craig explains his theory, real slow with his hilarious Southern drawl in KNIVES OUT

This week Evan shares some of his favorite French film titles seen in Montreal before Megan reviews FROZEN 2 (4:30), a sequel with meaningful themes. Next Dave covers 21 BRIDGES (14:35) a predictable film far beneath its talented lead Chadwick Boseman. After that Megan discusses A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD (23:55), the poignant movie about Mr. Rogers starring Tom Hanks. She and Evan have disagreements about the following film AFTER CLASS aka SAFE SPACES (37:58), which played at this year’s Boston Jewish Film Festival, although they still appreciate a lot of the same scenes. To wrap up, everyone chats about KNIVES OUT (49:02), a hilarious whodunit that could have been tighter and more loaded with twists.

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HALLOWEEN, ROSEMARY’S BABY, and THE STEPFORD WIVES with special guest Sean Burns on Episode #223!

Jamie Lee Curtis looking worried pointing a revolver at the camera in the 2018 film Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis goes into full in survivalist mode David Gordon Green’s very entertaining HALLOWEEN.

This week, Sean Burns returns to the Spoilerpiece guest chair! First up, Evan continues his adventure through film classics with ROSEMARY’S BABY (3:25) and THE STEPFORD WIVES (8:09) — both coincidentally based on Ira Levin novels. Then it’s on to HALLOWEEN (11:10)! Sean has been working his way through many of the series entries ahead of the new film by David Gordon Green (!!), so we pick his brain about what the hell that was all about before zeroing in on the surprisingly effective entry that is worthy of its title.


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