SNATCHED and RISK on Episode #148

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer in SNATCHED.

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer in the uneven comedy SNATCHED.

On this week’s episode, the guys stumble onto a question for actor Ken Marino that they never knew they had, while discussing DVD menus. After briefly reviving their time-honored hey-o gag during some pre-show shenanigans, they delve into the week’s movies. First, Kris briefly shares the adrenaline rush he felt watching John Woo’s FACE/OFF (at 5:51) with a very appreciative crowd on the big screen following a Nicolas Cage-themed burlesque show. Next, Dave describes the documentary RISK (at 12:05), which fortunately isn’t from the people who brought you BATTLESHIP. Instead it’s a sparsely narrated chronicle about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with more lawyers on screen than you can count. Lastly, Evan and Kris review the Amy Schumer/Goldie Hawn comedy SNATCHED (at 32:04), an uneven film that pulls back in strange places and doubles down in what the heck ways. As a special treat, stay tuned after the closing for a mini sing along the guys had when they got on the mic this week.


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Seth Rogen and Jillian Bell in THE NIGHT BEFORE

Nothing like tripping balls in church. Take it from Seth Rogen in THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Somehow, saucy puppet shows and Clippy from MS Word are topics of discussion heading into this week’s episode. Evan and Kris lead things off by talking about THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 2, which neither of them is particularly enthused about or invested in. As people who aren’t really into the series, they can admit that it’s good for what it is, and that fans will probably enjoy it as a conclusion to the franchise. Then Dave and Kris talk TRUMBO, which Dave claims is a sequel to DUMBO. This HBO movie looks and feels like it belongs on TV. It’s too long and fairly one note, although it does have some good things going on. Lastly, Evan spoilerpieces THE NIGHT BEFORE, a Christmas comedy starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie as childhood friends looking for one last epic holiday blowout. Its dramatic elements don’t work and JGL isnt’ believable as the group’s loser, but it does make use of great comedians in small roles. Michael Shannon is its surprise MVP.

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