Will Smith as Richard Williams stands on one side of a tennis net talking coaching his Demi Singleton and Saniyya Sidney who play Venus and Serena Williams in the movie King Richard

The film’s amazing performances are KING RICHARD’s greatest strength

This week just in time for the holiday, we kick off our show with Stephen Karam’s Thanksgiving family drama THE HUMANS (1:41), which underwhelms despite its stacked cast. Next we discuss Halle Berry’s directorial debut BRUISED (16:32) a formulaic sports film about a down on her luck queer MMA fighter trying to find redemption. Then we review KING RICHARD (34:45), Reinaldo Marcus Green’s engaging sports biopic, which looks at how Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard (Will Smith) propelled them into tennis superstardom from birth. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our November film noir poll, Robert Altman’s 1973 film THE LONG GOODBYE, starring Elliott Gould!

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SNATCHED and RISK on Episode #148

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer in SNATCHED.

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer in the uneven comedy SNATCHED.

On this week’s episode, the guys stumble onto a question for actor Ken Marino that they never knew they had, while discussing DVD menus. After briefly reviving their time-honored hey-o gag during some pre-show shenanigans, they delve into the week’s movies. First, Kris briefly shares the adrenaline rush he felt watching John Woo’s FACE/OFF (at 5:51) with a very appreciative crowd on the big screen following a Nicolas Cage-themed burlesque show. Next, Dave describes the documentary RISK (at 12:05), which fortunately isn’t from the people who brought you BATTLESHIP. Instead it’s a sparsely narrated chronicle about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with more lawyers on screen than you can count. Lastly, Evan and Kris review the Amy Schumer/Goldie Hawn comedy SNATCHED (at 32:04), an uneven film that pulls back in strange places and doubles down in what the heck ways. As a special treat, stay tuned after the closing for a mini sing along the guys had when they got on the mic this week.


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TRAINWRECK and Marvel’s ANT-MAN on Episode #53

Paul Rudd in Ant-Man

Who knew that learning to work with cute little ants like this could be so fun and scary at the same time?

Fan favorite Dede Crimmins from All Things Horror and Cinematic Essential joins Evan and Kris in this week’s episode. The three of them reminisce about QUANTUM LEAP and UNSOLVED MYSTERIES before Dede discusses her upcoming trip to the Fantasia International Film Festival. Once Kris and Evan recover from the recover from hearing the number of movies she plans to see, they ask her about some her favorites from the festival. Among them are DEATHGASM, SUBURBAN GOTHIC, and ABSENTIA. First, they cover Amy Schumer’s comedy TRAINWRECK, which is formulaic but a consistently funny human experience. After they get a chance to discuss Judd Apatow’s shortcomings they move on to reviewing Marvel’s ANT-MAN, a heist flick that’s also a superhero movie. Kris thinks it has a breeziness that’s been desperately lacking in Marvel movies. Evan and Dede agree, while adding that Paul Rudd has evolved from just a pretty face into the total package as an actor.

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