A Chadwick Boseman Tribute, BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC, CLASS ACTION PARK, and LINGUA FRANCA on Episode #321

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter smile with their arms outstretched in the movie Bill & Ted Face the Music

It’s all office sounds before we get into the show. Megan opens by talking about her guest appearance on the Screen Fix podcast. Next, we pay tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman by celebrating his best performances. Then Megan and Evan discuss LINGUA FRANCA (21:38), Isabel Sandoval’s timely drama about a Filipina trans woman who’s undocumented. Afterward, everyone reviews the wild documentary CLASS ACTION PARK (36:33) about a deadly water park in New Jersey in the 1970s-1990s. They wrap up the show with their thoughts on the long-awaited sequel BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC (48:17), starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as time-traveling best friends. This week’s Patreon bonus episode also honors Chadwick Boseman with a discussion about 42, the 2013 Jackie Robinson biopic.


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Chadwick Boseman in MARSHALL.

MARSHALL: another movie that proves Chadwick Boseman should have his own Oscar category for great performances as historical African Americans.

Evan, Kris, and Dave are joined by special guest (and Evan’s fiancee) Shauna Harris! As a practicing attorney, she sits in to expound on MARSHALL (34:06), the new biopic about the first African-American Supreme Court justice (before he was on the Supreme Court) Thurgood Marshall. Before that, Evan and Shauna Crewind to RAW (18:15), the 2016 flick about French-Belgian cannibals, which, we’re not ashamed to say, leads to “Cannibalismpiece Theatre” at 31:09, when the gang names a bunch of let’s-eat-people movies. But to kick things off, Kris relays his feelings about THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE (4:23) in a fresh segment of “Keeping up with the Jensons,” and Dave waxes philosophic (not really) about LUCKY (9:48), the last movie Harry Dean Stanton appeared in before his death in September.


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