Boston Underground Film Festival, DUMBO, THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT, and JUANITA on Episode #246

Amanda Crew looks bloodied and beaten in the movie Tone-Deaf

Amanda Crew stars in TONE-DEAF, one of Kris and Evan’s favorite movies from this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival

This week the guys gripe about the MBTA and the weird white cones that have popped up in Evan’s neighborhood – but not for long – because Dave is back in “the studio” and they have a ton of movies to talk about! First, Kris sneaks in a quick review of Tim Burton’s DUMBO (4:15) a movie that tries to tell you what’s fun and fails. Next, Dave and Evan cover JUANITA (7:20) the Netflix film that’s perfectly predictable and nice, although pretty mediocre. After that Dave reviews THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT (15:55), which he describes as 2/3 of a good movie with Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgard. Finally, they arrive at the main event: this year’s coverage of the Boston Underground Film Festival aka BUFF (25:40). Kris and Evan share their thoughts on a plethora of entertaining films including the delightful documentary HAIL SATAN?, the Boomers vs Millennials horror flick TONE-DEAF, the coming-of-age war-musical KANARIE, the queer Giallo slasher KNIFE + HEART, the creepy ghost tale THE NIGHTSHIFTER, and the sex-positive 90s indie MARY JANE’S NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE. They even talk about a few shorts in between like I OWE YOU ONE BANANA AND TWO BLACK EYES by friend of the show Jim McDonough!



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We’ve been busy at Spoilerpiece! After doing a not-so-deep dive into the power of cocaine in 1980s rap-rock fusions, Evan, Kris, and Dave get down to what they saw this week. First is Dave with Ricky Gervais’ Netflix series “After Life” (2:32). (Note: Dave makes reference to Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST at about the 11:30 mark, but mistakenly calls it THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST which is Martin Scorsese’s hot take on whether Jesus was a hippie.) At 15:47, Evan covers SURVIVING R. KELLY and LEAVING NEVERLAND, two documentaries about accusations of abuse by R. Kelly (the answer’s in the title) and Michael Jackson. We’re not really a podcast for trigger warnings, but it’s heavy, heavy stuff. Lastly, Kris talks about BORDER (36:30), a Swedish movie about a customs agent who can smell fear, and that’s just the beginning. To end things, the guys have a quick discussion about how to tell non-critics whether to see a particular film (45:40).


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