The Best Movies of 2014 (if we do say so ourselves) on Episode #25

Macon Blair in "Blue Ruin."

Macon Blair in “Blue Ruin.”

Happy new year, Spoilerpiecers! On this episode we each talk about our 10 favorite movies of 2014. There’s a lot of agreement and lots of disagreement. And then, totally organically, we venture into talk about cocaine, Aviator sunglasses, and Kenny Loggins. (Gotta love the tangents.) We hit upon LOCKE, THE DOUBLE, ENEMY, FRANK, SNOWPIERCER, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, BLUE RUIN, COLD IN JULY, JODOROWSKY’S DUNE…just to name nine. There are a bunch more. We’ll get to the worst movies of 2014 next time. Sorry for the abrupt ending, but these things happen around the holidays.

Listen Here:

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