HORSE GIRL, INCITEMENT, GRETEL & HANSEL, and Women in Horror Month on Episode #293

Alison Brie looking sad wearing a craft store smock in the movie Horse Girl
Alison Brie is fantastic in HORSE GIRL, but its ambiguous ending is annoying

Dave is on vacation so friend of the show Dede Crimmins returns as a guest this week! She starts off with her picks for Women in Horror Month: THE LODGE (6:47), PELICAN BLOOD (13:00), and DEAD DICKS (14:50). Then Evan reviews INCITEMENT (20:31), a tense thriller from the Boston Israeli Film Festival. Next Megan and Dede tackle GRETEL & HANSEL (30:35), a fun spin on the classic fairy tale. The gang wraps up with HORSE GIRL (45:05), the Netflix thriller starring Alison Brie that’s annoyingly ambiguous.


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