NIGHT SCHOOL and NAPPILY EVER AFTER with guest Shauna Harris on Episode #220

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish standing in a high school hallway talking to Taran Killam in the movie Night School.

Given its all-star cast of comedians NIGHT SCHOOl should be much funnier.

It’s Dave’s last week on Spoilerpiece for a while, as his family is about to expand by one person and he’s preparing for massive sleep deprivation. Kris couldn’t make the show (because he had to attend a screening) and Dave couldn’t do a late show, so the excellent Shauna Harris sits in. She and Evan saw all of NAPPILY EVER AFTER (3:52) and Dave saw half of it. The entire gang saw NIGHT SCHOOL (27:59), the new Kevin Hart vehicle. One movie everyone is on board with, and one movie everyone is not. Be sure to check our Patreon for extra audio at


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