Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan at a restaurant table by the water talking to each other in the film The Trip to Greece

This week is Cerealpiece Theatre before we talk about movies! First up is MILITARY WIVES (5:15), a cozy yet predictable film about sparring military spouses (Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan) trying to manage a choir when their husbands are deployed. Next is THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF (18:47), a moving documentary about a painter and a thief’s fascinating relationship. Then, it’s THE TRIP TO GREECE (38:40), the funny but somber final film in The TRIP series with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. On our Patreon bonus episode we discuss the winner of our tearjerker poll: DEAD POETS SOCIETY.


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Oscar Nominations, STAN & OLLIE, and Nicole Kidman in DESTROYER on Episode #237

So we have some opinions on this stuff.

This week’s episode kicks off with, what else those effin’ Oscar nominations (2:17), recognizing outstanding achievement in male mediocrity. There are some deserving nominations — BLACK PANTHER, CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?, BLACKKKLANSMAN — but c’mon already. From there, Kris recaps STAN & OLLIE (11:55), a well-meaning film about Laurel and Hardy in the last year of their joint career. It has some great attributes but never gathers enough momentum to explore the more interesting or entertaining dimensions of its plot. Last up is DESTROYER (21:13), a meandering neo-noir that has some good things going for it but it could have done with a bit — or a lot — of streamlining.

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IT, THE TRIP TO SPAIN, and GOOD BURGER on Episode #165

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise in IT with a balloon near his head.

Bill Skarsgard is creepy AF as Pennywise in Andy Muschietti’s IT.

This week the guys marvel at technology’s ability to be accidentally stupid before they discuss movies. Kris starts off the show with a segment of “Keepin’ Up with the Jensons” where he describes his experience watching TWIN PEAKS (3:06), before he reviews GOOD BURGER (7:46), a super 90s movie starring Kenan (Thompson) and Kel (Mitchell), he found charming, funny, and very inoffensive. Next, Dave reviews THE TRIP TO SPAIN (19:50), the third installment in Michael Winterbottom’s travel-themed series, which has a lot fewer impressions and very confusing ending. Then the guys arrive at their main event, IT (30:05), the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel that’s creative and creepy with a great cast and special effects, even if it does have some flaws. Stay tuned after the credits for a bonus conversation from this week.


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Evan is back and we’re thrilled, but this week Kris couldn’t make it to the studio. (“The Studio” is Dave’s living room, btw.) But it’s October and that means IT’S TIME FOR HORROR! Lucky us, there’s ANNABELLE to yap about, and Dave makes no bones about some of the movie’s dumb tricks and dumber plot points. Plus, Evan and Dave have a quick chat about THE TRIP TO ITALY, the Steve Coogan/Rob Brydon flick (and the sequel to THE TRIP). And who is that at the start of the episode? Is that Dr. Emmett Brown? Why, yes! We think it is!

Listen Here:

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