TETRIS on Episode #455

Taron Egerton puts his arm around a smiling Nikita Efremov while they're standing in red light in the film Tetris.Megan is off this week, so Evan and Dave hit the mics to talk TETRIS, the surprisingly tense spy thriller (question mark?) about the fraught negotiations between the Soviet government, Nintendo, a couple crooked English billionaires, and Henk Rogers, a coder-turned-game-inventer-turned-game-company-founder. And yes, the KGB gets involved. Over on Patreon, Evan and Dave disagree about Brian De Palma’s 1981 thriller BLOW OUT (indebted enormously to Hitchcock and Antonioni), and starring John Travolta and Nancy Allen.


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Megan has a blank stare in the movie M3gan.Evan is off this week, so it’s the Dave and Megan show. But before the Dave and Megan show, Megan goes solo, covering M3GAN (3:01), the crazy AF killer A.I. robot movie starring Allison Williams. And—perfect timing—one of Dave’s children interrupts and scares the crap out of him as he and Megan discuss said killer robot movie. Yeesh! Next, Megan and Dave talk about Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s unfilmable (question mark?) novel WHITE NOISE (17:41). They round things out with the new Christian Bale thriller THE PALE BLUE EYE (36:02), directed by Scott Cooper and featuring Harry Melling as a young Edgar Allan Poe. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Patreon exclusive audio in which Megan and Dave talk about Nora Ephron’s SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE.



Charlize Theron smoking a cigarette in ATOMIC BLONDE

Charlize Theron between ass-kicking scenes in ATOMIC BLONDE

This week Dave recounts his unique experience living in Annie Lennox’s old apartment before the guys talk about movies. Then he leads off with a recap of HIS GIRL FRIDAY (5:03), a film he’d seen before, but didn’t remember a thing about, other than it being a prime example of everyone involved with it at the height of their power. Next, the guys cover the week’s big release, ATOMIC BLONDE (13:55), an aggressively okay, hyper-stylized action film with Charlize Theron, where you’re either bored or you know what’s going to happen. You can totally see its big twist coming, unlike the Kevin Costner picture NO WAY OUT, which becomes the subject of a relevant tangent at 22:25. Lastly, Dave wraps things up with his quick thoughts on DUNKIRK (51:17), which he lauds for its flawless direction.


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