Megan has a blank stare in the movie M3gan.Evan is off this week, so it’s the Dave and Megan show. But before the Dave and Megan show, Megan goes solo, covering M3GAN (3:01), the crazy AF killer A.I. robot movie starring Allison Williams. And—perfect timing—one of Dave’s children interrupts and scares the crap out of him as he and Megan discuss said killer robot movie. Yeesh! Next, Megan and Dave talk about Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s unfilmable (question mark?) novel WHITE NOISE (17:41). They round things out with the new Christian Bale thriller THE PALE BLUE EYE (36:02), directed by Scott Cooper and featuring Harry Melling as a young Edgar Allan Poe. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Patreon exclusive audio in which Megan and Dave talk about Nora Ephron’s SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE.




Don Cheadle talks on the phone from a phone book while Benicio del Toro waits anxiously outside it in the movie No Sudden MoveIn this week’s edition of “We Should Have Known Better,” we cover Liam Neeson’s latest Old Man Neeson actioner, THE ICE ROAD (3:05), this year’s early winner of the “It Wants to be ‘The Wages of Fear’ or even ‘Sorcerer’ but it’s Really Just a Turd” award. Perhaps that’s harsh, but as scary as Canadian ice roads are in April, even scarier is the prospect of a movie filled with half-baked ideas, crummy special effects, and a villain who has more lives than the Energizer bunny. It’s just wretched. But man, was it fun to talk about! Next is FALSE POSITIVE (19:12), which star Ilana Glazer wrote with its director, John Lee. Who doesn’t love pregnancy horror? (Actually, one of us loves pregnancy horror, but sadly, not this film.) In this case, two of us. As Dave puts it, this is a movie that offsets each good idea it has with a bad one. But one of us liked it! (And though he didn’t mention it in the episode, Dave likes Pierce Brosnan’s beard.) Lastly, it’s NO SUDDEN MOVE (40:20), the new Steven Soderbergh thriller starring lots of his favorite people, including Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro. It has a little bit of everything, and screenwriter Ed Solomon is a loooong way from Bill & Ted. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?


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Kevin Costner Criminal

Kevin Costner holding a gun between grunts in CRIMINAL.

A game of “What’s in Evan’s pantry?” turns into quite the conversation about hot dogs and Yankee swaps on this week’s episode. Then Dave offers a correction that leads to another fun game, called “What if Robert Altman directed it?” Kris leads things off by talking about THE JUNGLE BOOK, which looks amazing and has a casual charm to it. Plus it has a death that’s on par with LION KING in terms of “oh fuck…” After that, Evan describes CRIMINAL, a film that’s so zany, he can’t get through it without breaking into giggle fits. Between Tommy Lee Jones playing a neurosurgeon and Kevin Costner’s grunting, you’d be laughing too, trust us. Based on Evan’s account, Kris is absolutely spoilerpieced into wanting to see it. Following that silliness, Kris wraps things up with MILES AHEAD, Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis biopic, that’s not really a biopic. Kris had to Google to figure out what was real, but he appreciates how it doesn’t care about sticking to the facts. He just wishes it went a little further with that angle though.

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HARDCORE HENRY, HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS, and “Keepin’ up with the Jensons” on Episode #91


One of the MANY characters Sharlto Copley plays in HARDCORE HENRY.

This week Kris takes the floor for his very first segment of “Keepin’ up with the Jensons,” where he fills Evan and Dave in on the remainder of HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS, a movie he started to talk about last week. Kris thinks the film is based on a lot of contrivances, but he forgives them because Sally Field is great in it and director Michael Showalter seems to know exactly what to focus on. Following brief baby poop tangent, Kris also shares his take on PEE-WEE’S BIG HOLIDAY. He agrees with Dave and Evan about it, although he spends a little more time comparing and contrasting it with PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE, which he also watched. Then the guys dig into HARDCORE HENRY the one movie they all saw this week. Sadly it’s not about Baby Henry, but it is an intense action flick shot entirely in first person. Kris compares it to BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG CITY meets CALL OF DUTY, while Evan says it’s a cross between CRANK and SHOOT EM UP. All three of them admit that it has its entertaining moments and characters (like the ones played by Sharlto Copley), but that there’s only so good it can be given how it’s shot. Finally, they wrap up by delivering a sneak peek of the movies they’ll be talking about next episode. Kris is looking forward to discussing the Don Cheadle/Miles Davis film MILES AHEAD, while Evan is anxious to talk about GREEN ROOM.

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