Ted 2 Poster

TED 2: Uncomfortable sincerity, along with a lot of failed jokes. – Kris Jenson

Megan Kearns from Bitch Flicks joins Kris and Evan on this week’s episode to lament HANNIBAL’s cancellation by NBC before Evan shares a story about Mads Mikkelsen using his creeping powers for good. Then Kris and Megan give him the lowdown on TED 2, which Kris says is filled with “uncomfortable sincerity, along with a lot of failed jokes.” After that Evan and Megan talk about how much they enjoyed Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique’s performances in the HBO biopic BESSIE. Kris follows up with a brief interlude about foam penises and failed orgies in THE OVERNIGHT. Finally, Megan brings everything together with Kate Winslet’s A LITTLE CHAOS, which she appreciates for showing more than telling.
Listen Here:

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