Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan in Ammonite

We kick off this week’s show with STARDUST (3:09), Gabriel Range’s David Bowie biopic that focuses on his 1971 trip to the U.S., which inspired him to create his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Next, we talk about ANYTHING FOR JACKSON (13:31), a horror film where unwitting grandparents get much more than they bargained for when they try to resurrect their dead grandchild. And then, we discuss AMMONITE (29:27), Francis Lee’s 1840s queer romance based on real women (including paleontologist Mary Anning), starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan. On this week’s Patreon bonus audio, we discuss a Patron’s choice: Wong Jing’s 1993 film CITY HUNTER, starring Jackie Chan.


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THE PLATFORM serves up a grotesque, dystopian meal

Welcome back to Coronapiece Theatre, everyone! Megan, Evan, and Dave are still sheltering in place so it’s more streaming flicks! And there are lots of flicks to stream. This week the gang talks JEZEBEL (2:58), a story about – among other things – sex work; BLOOD ON HER NAME (10:35), a tale of what NOT to do when you’re committing murder; CONTAGION (19:45), Steven Soderbergh’s way-too-prescient bio-horror procedural about a virus that wipes out a whole lotta people; and THE PLATFORM (40:45), one of the most popular movies on Netflix this week. Does this prison flick deserve its place among the popular? The opinions vary! And on our Patreon exclusive, we talk EVE’S BAYOU, director Kasi Lemmons’ debut feature.

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Pee talk takes an unexpected, yet movie-related turn at the start of this week’s episode. Once the guys dispense with their bathroom discussion, they move on to the Boston Online Film Critics Association’s yearly awards, which were recently announced to the public. The guys quickly walk through their ballots (at 4:37), mentioning their favorite films that didn’t win, exploring the nuances of their votes, and teasing movies like FENCES that they look forward to discussing in future episodes. After the awards excitement, Kris reviews COLLATERAL BEAUTY (at 28:00), a picture that sounds like an emo side project, where the filmmakers couldn’t decide between making an awards movie or a Christmas movie, so they made both and got something awful. With that out of the way, Dave and Evan take on this week’s big release, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY (at 44:00), a prequel that doesn’t have much in common with other entries in the STAR WARS franchise. It has a diverse cast of skilled actors, deaths with weight, and a director that cares about framing shots, however Dave and Evan don’t think it deserves the hype from critics.

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TRIPLE 9, GODS OF EGYPT, and Tim Burton’s BATMAN on Episode #85

Triple 9

They’ve got red on them in TRIPLE 9.

This week the guys give you the lowdown on their recording equipment, before Kris shares why the atrocious GODS OF EGYPT left him feeling rattled. Part of it has to do with its 120 minutes of confusing plot and Gerard Butler’s mysterious decision to use his Scottish accent. The whole experience left Kris too depressed to chide a fellow theatergoer for using his phone during the picture, so he decides to pass the mic. Next Dave and Evan review TRIPLE 9, a movie that with lots of good killin’ and great action. Kate Winslet does a terrible Russian accent, the film is overstuffed with plot, and goes along too long, but Woody Harrelson is amazing, even if he could play his role in his sleep. Finally, the guys fulfill their promise from last episode of revisiting Tim Burton’s BATMAN. Dave and Evan go over the massive plot holes, continuity errors, and other various things that bother them from their most recent viewing, although they do take some time to talk about what they still love about the movie in spite of those shortcomings.

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Ted 2 Poster

TED 2: Uncomfortable sincerity, along with a lot of failed jokes. – Kris Jenson

Megan Kearns from Bitch Flicks joins Kris and Evan on this week’s episode to lament HANNIBAL’s cancellation by NBC before Evan shares a story about Mads Mikkelsen using his creeping powers for good. Then Kris and Megan give him the lowdown on TED 2, which Kris says is filled with “uncomfortable sincerity, along with a lot of failed jokes.” After that Evan and Megan talk about how much they enjoyed Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique’s performances in the HBO biopic BESSIE. Kris follows up with a brief interlude about foam penises and failed orgies in THE OVERNIGHT. Finally, Megan brings everything together with Kate Winslet’s A LITTLE CHAOS, which she appreciates for showing more than telling.
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