Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner stand triumphantly at the top of a tall tower in the movie FallDave is back from vacation, and he’s excited to talk about movies! We start with LUCK (2:17), a poorly thought-out Skydance animated film about a young woman (Eva Noblezada) with bad luck trying to turn things around for herself and her young friend with the help of a black cat (Simon Pegg). Next, we dig into Jae-rim Han’s ambitious Korean disaster movie EMERGENCY DECLARATION (20:40), which is long, yet features a great ensemble, compelling themes, and tense action scenes. We wrap up with Scott Mann’s anxiety-inducing thriller FALL (38:23), about two friends trapped at the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the 1989 neo-noir GLEAMING THE CUBE, starring Christian Slater as a high school skateboarder investigating his adopted brother’s murder.


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Olivia DeJonge in THE VISIT

PUT DOWN the damn camera girl and grab a weapon to use against your Nana

Sean Burns joins Evan and Kris this week, vowing to up the episode’s profanity quotient since he’s filling for Dave. But Evan does a pretty good job of that himself, cursing out M. Night Shyamalan’s found footage horror film THE VISIT. Although Evan can’t stand the movie, Kris doesn’t actually hate everything about it and manages to sell Sean on seeing it. After they get through that slog, Sean talks about how entertaining Lily Tomlin is in GRANDMA and how crazy it was seeing her around Sundance with Jane Fonda. Then he wraps everything up with 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN, the boring Christian film that stars Hayden Christensen with a creepy mustache and drawl. How boring is it? Sean needed three tries to get through it without falling asleep. Given its lack of excitement, it’s not surprising that the guys end up hitting a number of tangents instead of discussing the movie in depth.

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