Detective Pikachu looking cute and cuddly
Is Detective Pikachu cute? Yes. Is he funny? Hell no.

This week Dave shares why he’s training for the New York Marathon and details his preparations for the big race. Next Evan shares his thoughts on THE INTRUDER (4:00), which he and Shauna watched based on Kris’s recommendation. After they delve into nuances and plot holes from the movie, Dave jumps in to review THE WHITE CROW (13:05), a Ralph Fiennes film based on a true story he didn’t realize that he knew until halfway through. Following a JOHN WICK tangent, Kris and Evan tackle POKÉMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU (23:05) aka POKÉMON DETECTIVE, a movie neither thinks is good, but one of them found more egregious. Tune in to find out who and to hear Evan educate Dave and Kris about Pokémon.

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THE INTRUDER and recapping IFFBoston on Episode #251

“This lighting from below doesn’t show off my double chin, does it?” Dennis Quaid in The Intruder.

This week, Kris kicks things off with THE INTRUDER (3:40), a much-needed breath of trashy fresh air. He had a great time and thinks you might as well. Next up is our recap of IFFBoston, revisiting some of the highlights from Boston’s biggest film festival. Included are LUCE (13:55), ASK DR. RUTH (24:43), THE DEATH OF DICK LONG (30:28), ERNIE & JOE (36:07), OFFICIAL SECRETS (44:14), THE NIGHTINGALE (content warning, 54:45), GUTTERBUG (1:02:40), and THE FAREWELL (1:09:19).

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Good sex with Dr. Ruth? You bet.