Ariela Barer holds her hand against an oil pipeline in the film How to Blow Up a Pipeline.We start the show this week by reviewing Saim Sadiq’s heartbreaking Pakistani drama JOYLAND (2:58), which is about a man (Ali Junejo) from a patriarchal family who becomes a backup dancer at a burlesque club and falls for the strong-willed trans woman (Alina Khan) who runs the show. Next, we cover Daniel Goldhaber’s tense environmental thriller HOW TO BLOW UP A PIPELINE (30:56), which follows a crew of environmental activists who execute a daring plan to disrupt an oil pipeline. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, in honor of its 30th anniversary, we talk about the 1993 sci-fi action film DEMOLITION MAN, starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock! 


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Popstar Movie

Evan’s facial expression during most of POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING

This week Kris reveals an ad campaign that makes him irrationally angry. Then it’s onward to four movies! Dave finally watched TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY (at 4:11), so he’s nervous to talk about with two “D-heads” like Kris and Evan. He shares why it’s objectively not great, while also digging into the parts of it that are fuckin’ hilarious. Evan delivers on a promise as well, by reviewing NEW JACK CITY (at 23:24), which he LOVES for its energy and the way its action scenes are shot. He admits that it’s heavy handed with its messaging and inconsistent in tone, however he lauds it for its important social commentary on race and class. After that Kris jumps in to spoilerpiece THE LOBSTER (at 41:04), which he wasn’t expecting to take him for such a ride. It’s framed, paced, and costumed like an awkward Sundance comedy riffing on Wes Anderson, yet more brutal than unrelenting horror movies. Lastly, Evan concludes with POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING (at 52:25). This movie by The Lonely Island is mostly “eh” with a few jokes that hit and a lot of jokes that miss. Plus, in the realm of showbiz mockumentaries it doesn’t really have anything new to say.

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YOUTH, CHI-RAQ, ROOM, and LEGEND on Episode #73


YOUTH is bonkers, but Harvey Keitel and Michael Caine give great performances in it.

Unfortunately Dave can’t make it for a full show, but he is able to squeeze in a segment of “Riedel’s Recaps.” All is not lost though, since fan favorite Sean Burns fills in. He and Evan start out by talking YOUTH, a film that they don’t agree on. Evan hates how disjointed it is, while Sean digs how bonkers it is. Then they toss it over to Kris, who breaks down Spike Lee’s CHI-RAQ, which has a happy Wesley Snipes, a surprising John Cusack, and characters speaking in verse. It’s got a lot of super-Spike-Lee stuff that makes Sean super excited to see it. After that Evan and Sean tackle ROOM, another movie they can’t agree on. Sean isn’t a fan of its inconsistent style, but Evan thinks Brie Larson is fantastic and finds its escape scene riveting. Finally, Kris and Sean discuss LEGEND, a crime movie with Tom Hardy that has structure problems and brothers who seem like they’re from different planets. It all ends with tangents about Universal awards season screeners and drunk dialing. Stay tuned though until the very end for a sultry post-ending song surprise.

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THE EXPENDABLES 3 and a tribute to Robin Williams on Episode #5

Sylvester Stallone and the gang are back for THE EXPENDABLES 3, which sparks Kris’ rumination on the place of PG-13 sequels in otherwise R-rated franchises. We take lots of turns into Tangent Town, stopping on Die Hard Road, Wesley Snipes Street, and Kelsey Grammer Blvd., and Dave makes a connection between PREDATOR and Alfred Hitchcock. We open with a talk about Robin Williams, who died on Aug. 11, 2014.

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