Rachel Brosnahan in Julia Hart's film I'M YOUR WOMAN

Happy Hanukkah, Spoilerpeeps! This week we start with NOMADLAND (3:43), Chloé Zhao’s drama starring Frances McDormand as a woman living in her van as a “modern-day nomad.” Next is LOVERS ROCK (18:00), a slice-of-life film from Steve McQueen’s SMALL AXE series on Amazon, that follows a reggae house party in 1980s London. Then we review Christopher Landon’s body swap horror comedy FREAKY (26:47), starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn as a teen and serial killer who switch bodies. We wrap with Julia Hart’s 1970s-set crime drama I’M YOUR WOMAN (42:09), which stars Rachel Brosnahan as a woman on the run with a baby. Our Patreon bonus audio for this week is a patron’s choice: the 2003 Disney Channel sports-themed Hanukkah movie, FULL-COURT MIRACLE.


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We don’t have to tell which movie this still is form, right?

It’s not a first, but it doesn’t happen often. We can recommend all the movies we watched this week! First up is the Netflix documentary MISS AMERICANA (4:45) starring Taylor Swift. Megan successfully spoilerpieces Dave and Evan into wanting to see it. Following is the French film LES MISÉRABLES (19:26), which is NOT a musical about a bunch of poor French people who stole loaves of bread and spent years in prison. Finally, Megan and Dave talk about HARLEY QUINN: BIRDS OF PREY (36:30), a movie that is a vast improvement over its predecessor, SUICIDE SQUAD, which, not coincidentally, is the subject of this week’s exclusive audio content at patreon.com/spoilerpiece. And please make sure you watch our Oscars live stream on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020, at 8 PM ET. Download the FREE HotMic app for Apple or Android or at http://hotmic.io and use the promo code RIEDEL.

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Guy Ritchie’s THE GENTLEMEN on Episode #289

And on this episode of “Crime Movie Posters that Hark Back to ’90s Crime Movie Posters” we have The Gentlemen.

This week we have but one film – it’s the January dead zone, after all – Guy Ritchie’s THE GENTLEMEN. Are the men gentlemanly? Are there twists and turns? Are there lots of rhymes and non-sequiturs? If you’ve seen any of Ritchie’s gangster pictures, you’ll know what you’re getting and how much you like it depends on how much you like Ritchie’s other London crime underworld movies. We had a lot of fun with this one, and in addition to THE GENTLEMEN, we talk about getting old, Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN series, Clark Kent and Superman, WINTER SOLDIER, and Dave feeling dumb in school.

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