Max Harwood kneels on a fashion runway in a bright blue blazer during a musical number in the musical Everybody's Talking About Jamie

We loved the choreography, costumes, and cinematography as well as Max Harwood’s lead performance in EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE

We head over to MARTYRS LANE (2:14) to learn the meaning of the word “vicarage” and to discuss Ruth Platt’s eerie and allegorical horror film (now on Shudder), about a girl who visited nightly by another girl who slowly reveals shocking secrets about her family. Next, we delve into Cedric Nicolas-Troyan’s bloody and entertaining Netflix action film KATE (18:25), which stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as poisoned assassin trying to get revenge on the gangsters who betrayed her before she dies. Lastly, we review Jonathan Butterell’s charming and glamorous Amazon musical EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE (35:26), a queer coming-of-age tale about a teenager who wants to be a drag queen. And in this week’s Patron exclusive audio, we cover Norman Jewison’s 1987 rom-com MOONSTRUCK starring Cher and Nicolas Cage!


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Sierra McCormick looks skeptically while wearing her switchboard operator headset in the movie The Vast of Night

Stay-at-home-piece Theatre opens this week with Megan and Evan discussing the Indigenous zombie flick BLOOD QUANTUM (2:42), which has satisfying, gore-filled action scenes. Next, everyone covers CIRCUS OF BOOKS (17:44), a slightly scattered, yet compelling documentary about a nice Jewish couple that ran a gay porn store. Lastly, they dissect THE VAST OF NIGHT (39:39), a sci-fi film that pays homage to THE TWILIGHT ZONE with very different degrees of success depending on which co-host you ask. On our Patreon bonus episode, we had a blast discussing a Selectpiece Patron’s choice for us: THE HITCHER.


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LOST GIRLS and BLOW THE MAN DOWN on Episode #297

Amy Ryan looks angry in the movie LOST GIRLS.
Amy Ryan gets angry in LOST GIRLS

It’s an odd week at Spoilerpiece. We all recorded remotely because we, in the spirit of being decent human beings, are practicing social distancing. (If you’re listening to this at a different time in history, the coronavirus pandemic exploded in the last week.) As you probably know, many movie releases have been pushed to as-yet-undetermined dates, and that means critics’ screenings are canceled. So this week, and for the foreseeable future, we’re focusing on streaming movies. First is LOST GIRLS (2:41), a good, if heartbreaking, story about a mother (Amy Ryan) trying to find out what happened to her disappeared daughter. Then it’s BLOW THE MAN DOWN (21:22), a noir-flavored drama (with occasionally singing, though this is not a musical) about two sisters who find themselves up to their eyeballs in murder and trouble in a tiny Maine town. On our Patreon this week we talk about Choose Your Own Adventure books and of course we yap about lots of different movies. Stay safe everyone. 

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Hi everyone! This week there were some major releases, but none of them screened for critics? Like, for real. So none of saw THE CIRCLE or HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER, and honestly, we’re probably all better off. But we didn’t just sit around with our thumbs up our wazoos. Dave watched all 10 episodes of the Amazon series BOSCH (5:45), Kris saw the new Anne Hathaway/Jason Sudeikis movie COLOSSAL (26:45), and Evan saw most of the Netflix series 13 REASONS WHY (51:30). At 17:49, Kris and Dave go off on a major GOLDEN GIRLS tangent. And words of warning: We had some serious audio problems while recording this episode and you’ll hear some white noise fading in and out of the background starting at about the 35:00 mark (I didn’t write down the exact spot, so that’s a guess). We’re working on getting new recording equipment, so hopefully these audio glitches will soon be a thing of that past, yo. Peace!


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