MOXIE, SOPHIE JONES, JUMBO, and films from the Boston Israeli Film Festival on Episode #348

Hadley Robinson stands in the rain angrily holding her zine Moxie in the movie Moxie

Moxie. Hadley Robinson as Vivian in Moxie. Cr /NETFLIX © 2020

Evan starts this week by recapping two feature-length films he saw from the Boston Israeli Film Festival (1:29). He talks about Nir Bergman’s HERE WE ARE, a drama about a father’s changing relationship with his autistic son, and Yohanan Weller’s LOVE IN SUSPENDERS, a rom-com about finding love again later in life. Then Megan and Dave review Zoé Wittock’s JUMBO (13:04), romantic drama about a woman who falls in love with an amusement park ride. Next, we all discuss Jessie Barr’s SOPHIE JONES (28:25), a coming-of-age story about a teenager processing the grief of her mother’s death. Lastly, we cover Amy Poehler’s MOXIE (44:52), a dramedy about a teenager who takes on sexism at her high school by starting a feminist zine. And on this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of PRETTY IN PINK with an in-depth discussion about the Howard Deutch/John Hughes 80s classic.


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Bradley Cooper in BURNT

Bradley Cooper’s character is a total dick in BURNT

Following a brief Eddy mix up, the guys review movies new to old. First up is Evan with BURNT, a Bradley Cooper film about disgraced chef who does not pee in soup. It’s a super predictable picture where there are gratuitous montages that focus on mundane things and everyone is waiting around for him to get better. Kris is next to discuss OUR BRAND IS CRISIS, a political film that’s reminiscent of PCU, but without George Clinton to bring everyone together. The director doesn’t belong and it’s so uneven, although when it’s cynical it does have points to make. Finally, Evan has seen Dave’s favorite movie, HIDING OUT, starring John Cryer, so the two of them give it the full spoilerpiece treatment. Dave can “quote the motherfucker backwards and forwards,” and Evan reveals his surprise about how part of it takes place in Boston, while pausing to analyze its 80s yuppie mentality.

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