Dan Stevens and Emma Watson in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Dan Stevens and Emma Watson in the blow by blow remake BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Kris is on a tight deadline and can’t make it this week, so Movie Bob Chipman joins Evan and Dave to discuss logistical questions about day to day operations of the Death Star. Bob shares insights into one of his upcoming videos before being their guest, i.e. reviewing BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (at 6:08). After some tangents about PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and other live action Disney adaptations, Bob describes why BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a tribute to itself; a fine, blow by blow remake of the animated movie. Next, all three of them discuss the Oscar-winning documentary O.J.: MADE IN AMERICA (at 22:24), by revealing how it provides deep context into O.J.’s successful athletic career and his abusive past, which leads the guys to ruminate on other celebrities with abusive histories. Finally, Evan and Dave tackle PERSONAL SHOPPER (at 42:26), an Olivier Assayas/Kristen Stewart film that’s oozing with esoteric weirdness and needlessly confusing plot points. Fear not, the show isn’t entirely without Kris! Stay tuned after the closing credits for a brief message from him.


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JURASSIC WORLD and THE CONNECTION with Movie Bob on Episode #48

Chris Pratt with raptors in JURASSIC WORLD

JURASSIC WORLD: Starring Chris Pratt as “Velociraptor Dundee”

The one and only Bob Chipman aka “Movie Bob” joins Evan and Kris for this week’s episode about JURASSIC WORLD and THE CONNECTION. First up is a game of “Get to Know Your Guest Host,” where Bob shares how he got into reviewing movies. After that Bob and Kris spoilerpiece Jurassic World, a film that Bob enjoyed despite its silliness. Just how silly is it? Well, there are weaponized dinosaurs and Chris Pratt basically plays “Velociraptor Dundee.” After Bob and Kris get all the spoiling out of their systems, Evan fills them in on THE CONNECTION, a movie which feels like the French version of Michael Mann’s HEAT. Chekhov’s Gun discussions and Indiana Jones references are in ample supply, as are tangents about BLOWN AWAY and THE GODFATHER.

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