IFFBoston Preview w/ Nancy Campbell and Brian Tamm, LITTLE WOODS and PRINCE OF EGYPT revisited on Episode #249

Lily James is the fuck-up sister and Tessa Thompson has her head screwed on straight, and they’re still in a whole lot of trouble in Little Woods.

This week, Kris and Evan are joined by Nancy Campbell and Brian Tamm of the always spectacular IFFBoston ahead of the annual weeklong festival (April 24 through May 1).  They discuss some of the exciting films, panels, guest appearances, and events of the fest that takes over three of Boston’s best theaters: Somerville, Brattle, and Coolidge. It’s a celebration of film community, and Nancy and Brian highlight filmmakers from years past who have gone on to helm some of the biggest and best movies of the past decade. Later, we meet back up with Dave, who runs us through his thoughts on LITTLE WOODS (53:38), and we close with Evan’s rewatching of THE PRINCE OF EGYPT (1:01:52) ahead of Passover.

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FURIOUS 7, WOMAN IN GOLD, and (briefly) DER SAMURAI on Episode #38

The cast of FURIOUS 7 strutting their stuff

We Make This Look Good – The cast of FURIOUS 7 strutting their stuff

Vin Diesel said FURIOUS 7 should win Best Picture if the Oscars want to be relevant. Hey, NOTHING could make the Oscars relevant, not even THIS KICK-ASS PIECE OF AWESOME MOVIE. Holy crap, is it amazing. It’s not FAST & FURIOUS 6, but it’s close. Also on the show, Dave shows off his love for the German accent when Evan talks about WOMAN IN GOLD, and Kris regales us with stories of DER SAMURAI and Passover cake. Plus, there’s a Steve Martin moment or two at the top.

Listen Here:

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