Our Top 10 Films of 2021 on Episode #391

A graphic which says: Top 10 Films of 2021We didn’t get a chance to share our top 10 films from 2021 last week, so we’re doing it this week! We each dig into our individual top 10 films from our 2021 Boston Online Film Critics Association Awards ballots, discussing the overlap between our lists, and the unique films that made our respective ballots. First up, is Dave (2:47), whose ballot includes a documentary, comedies, and dramas. He’s followed by Evan (33:20), whose list includes dramas, comedies, and horror. After that is Megan (47:09), whose list includes horror, dramas, and one comedy. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we decided to review a film with the number 10 in the title, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger! 


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Morfydd Clark looking directly at the camera in a creepy way in the horror movie Saint Maud

Morfydd Clark is supremely creepy in SAINT MAUD.

This week Dave can’t make it, so Dede Crimmins, the Alec Baldwin of Spoilerpiece, fills in! After discussing cats on Zoom, we dive into this week’s movies. First up is Shudder’s A NIGHTMARE WAKES (3:25), Nora Unkel’s period horror flick which follows Mary Shelley as she writes Frankenstein. Next, we review THE WANTING MARE (13:00), Nicholas Ashe Bateman’s surreal fantasy about dreams, longing, and yes, a mare. Then it’s Netflix’s MALCOLM & MARIE (26:43), Sam Levinson’s movie starring Zendaya and John David Washington about a couple’s volatile night of arguments. Finally, we cover SAINT MAUD (46:38), Rose Glass’s outstanding horror film about a pious nurse (Morfydd Clark) who becomes unhealthily obsessed with trying to save her patient’s soul. And on this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we discuss James Cameron’s 1992 film TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY.


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