Our Top 10 Films of 2021 on Episode #391

A graphic which says: Top 10 Films of 2021We didn’t get a chance to share our top 10 films from 2021 last week, so we’re doing it this week! We each dig into our individual top 10 films from our 2021 Boston Online Film Critics Association Awards ballots, discussing the overlap between our lists, and the unique films that made our respective ballots. First up, is Dave (2:47), whose ballot includes a documentary, comedies, and dramas. He’s followed by Evan (33:20), whose list includes dramas, comedies, and horror. After that is Megan (47:09), whose list includes horror, dramas, and one comedy. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we decided to review a film with the number 10 in the title, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger! 


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HIS HOUSE, COME AWAY, and the Boston Jewish Film Festival on Episode #331

Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu stand next to walls with peeled-off wallpaper in film His House

This week we discuss the results of the presidential election before the movies. We start with the 2020 Boston Jewish Film Festival at (7:32). Evan talks about the shorts, features (THOU SHALT NOT HATE), and documentaries (THEY AIN’T READY FOR ME and SYNDROME K) he saw solo, before he and Megan dig into movies they’ve both seen: queer coming-of-age comedy TAHARA (18:01), romantic drama THE END OF LOVE (25:10), and queer comedy SHIVA BABY (36:44). Then, Megan and Dave discuss COME AWAY (43:48), a fantasy film starring Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo as the parents to Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Finally, Evan and Megan wrap up with HIS HOUSE (53:07), a Netflix haunted house horror film about a married couple who are refugees from South Sudan. On this week’s Patreon bonus audio, we discuss a Patron’s choice: the 2014 German horror film DER SAMURAI.


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