POSSESSOR UNCUT, THE BOYS IN THE BAND, BLACK BOX, and THE LIE with Guest Charlie Nash on Episode #326

Andrea Riseborough looking worried and cast in an orange glow in the movie Possessor.

Guest Charlie Nash returns for this week’s show! The first films on the docket are BLACK BOX (3:36), a sci-fi film about a man suffering from amnesia undergoing a new treatment, and THE LIE (12:56), a thriller about two parents protecting their daughter; two horrorish flicks from Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse series, which have varying success for each co-host. Next, everyone discusses the Netflix adaptation of the seminal queer play THE BOYS IN THE BAND (26:31), about gay friends at a birthday party in 1968 NYC, by digging into its differences from the original, and debating whether its story is still vital. Then, they delve deep into POSSESSOR UNCUT (52:04), Brandon Cronenberg’s graphic, psychological sci-fi horror. On this week’s Patreon bonus audio, we discuss KINDERGARTEN COP, which Charlie has never seen. Hilarity ensues.


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Star Trek Beyond

The late Anton Yelchin and Zachary Quinto working together in STAR TREK BEYOND

A conversation about the trailer for XxX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE takes an entirely different turn once the guys start talking about other short videos they’d like to see with Vin Diesel. Then Kris leads off by reviewing STAR TREK BEYOND (at 4:29). Due to a last-minute screening, he is the only one who could see it, but he has good things to say about its story, its characters, and its action scenes between Dave and Evan’s jokes about “Captain’s Logs.” Following a quick Baby Henry story, Evan and Kris discuss ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE MOVIE (at 28:52). They reveal why they enjoy the movie’s absurdist British humor even though they never really watched the show it’s based on. Finally, the guys arrive at the episode’s main event, where they dig into HEAVEN’S GATE (at 39:00), a film they’ve promised to take on for a while. They delve into detail about why it’s underwritten and overproduced, while still being an amazing spectacle to behold. Their commentary on its phenomenal technical feats and depressing themes add color to this expensive flop that ruined United Artists and marred the late Michael Cimino’s career.

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