Magic Mikes Last DanceThis week we discuss Gabriel Bier Gislason’s queer Jewish horror film ATTACHMENT (2:51), a smartly-told tale about a Danish woman (Josephine Park) who falls for a Jewish woman (Ellie Kendrick) but discovers some disturbing things after traveling back to London with her. Next, Megan and Dave cover MAGIC MIKE’S LAST DANCE (21: 47), Steven Soderbergh’s mediocre final chapter in the MAGIC MIKE series. Then we review a movie that two of us have a very visceral reaction to THE OUTWATERS (39:16), Robbie Banfitch’s found footage horror film about a group of friends who get terrorized in the Mojave desert. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we watch TO LESLIE to find out what all the Oscar fuss is about. 


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POSSESSOR UNCUT, THE BOYS IN THE BAND, BLACK BOX, and THE LIE with Guest Charlie Nash on Episode #326

Andrea Riseborough looking worried and cast in an orange glow in the movie Possessor.

Guest Charlie Nash returns for this week’s show! The first films on the docket are BLACK BOX (3:36), a sci-fi film about a man suffering from amnesia undergoing a new treatment, and THE LIE (12:56), a thriller about two parents protecting their daughter; two horrorish flicks from Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse series, which have varying success for each co-host. Next, everyone discusses the Netflix adaptation of the seminal queer play THE BOYS IN THE BAND (26:31), about gay friends at a birthday party in 1968 NYC, by digging into its differences from the original, and debating whether its story is still vital. Then, they delve deep into POSSESSOR UNCUT (52:04), Brandon Cronenberg’s graphic, psychological sci-fi horror. On this week’s Patreon bonus audio, we discuss KINDERGARTEN COP, which Charlie has never seen. Hilarity ensues.


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Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel sitin diving suits anxiously waiting in the movie Underwater
Little do Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel know the hell that awaits them in UNDERWATER

This week starts with a critique of how this year’s Oscar nominations (2:25) shamefully overlook women and people of color. Then Megan reviews three movies. First, LITTLE JOE (11:15), a sci-fi film with gorgeous cinematography. Second, UNDERWATER (21:25), a fantastic monster movie starring Kristen Stewart. Third, THE GRUDGE (32:45), a reboot that left her wanting more. Lastly, Dave and Evan take on THE WAVE (41:34), a convoluted sci-fi flick with Justin Long that never adds up.

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SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO, DAMSEL, and NANCY with special guest Andy Crump on Episode #207!


This picture almost makes me think Josh Brolin and pals are looking at the director and saying, “You want me to play the scene like what, motherfucker?”

It’s another week of weddings (sort of) on Spoilerpiece, as Kris shares some big news. Then Kris and Dave are joined by Andy Crump of way-too-many-outlets-to-list as discusses NANCY (3:42) starring Andrea Riseborough. He and Dave take on the Zellners’ DAMSEL (14:57) after that, and then Kris and Dave hoot and holler about SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO (33:45), the sequel no one asked for from a franchise that doesn’t need one. Ho ho! Hot takes abound on Spoilerpiece, just as they do in this description page! Don’t forget to check out our Patreon page!


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