SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO, DAMSEL, and NANCY with special guest Andy Crump on Episode #207!


This picture almost makes me think Josh Brolin and pals are looking at the director and saying, “You want me to play the scene like what, motherfucker?”

It’s another week of weddings (sort of) on Spoilerpiece, as Kris shares some big news. Then Kris and Dave are joined by Andy Crump of way-too-many-outlets-to-list as discusses NANCY (3:42) starring Andrea Riseborough. He and Dave take on the Zellners’ DAMSEL (14:57) after that, and then Kris and Dave hoot and holler about SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO (33:45), the sequel no one asked for from a franchise that doesn’t need one. Ho ho! Hot takes abound on Spoilerpiece, just as they do in this description page! Don’t forget to check out our Patreon page!


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People in Stonewall the movie

Roland Emmerich’s STONEWALL throws bricks at historical accuracy.

Dave makes a historic Spoilerpiece proclamation! But first Evan and Kris tease their coverage of THE MARTIAN by telling Dave about the book. It’s a busy day on the show with lots of ground to cover. Kris starts off by sharing what fucking disaster Roland Emmerich’s STONEWALL is and how it insultingly makes up facts. Then Dave gives his first positive review of the week in describing Regina Casé’s beautiful performance in THE SECOND MOTHER. Evan’s up next to spoilerpiece Dave and Kris into wanting to see Denis Villeneuve’s suspenseful film SICARIO. Dave jumps in after that with a (gasp) second positive review to describe the good mind fuckery of BLIND and finally, Evan talks about why he thinks De Niro’s performance in THE INTERN might be his best of the millennium.

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