THE GOLDFINCH, HUSTLERS, VITA & VIRGINIA and UNTOUCHABLE on Episode #270 with guest Megan Kearns!

Tha Goldfinch ain’t so golden, ya know?

Joining Evan and Dave while Kris prepares for his wedding is friend-of-Spoilerpiece Megan Kearns! She starts things off with a review of VITA & VIRGINIA (3:59), a love story about Vita Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton) and Virginia Woolf (Elizabeth Debicki). Next up Dave and Megan tackle the new release THE GOLDFINCH (14:20), an adaptation of Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize-winning long-ass novel. Then Megan and Evan get to the J. Lo/Constance Wu movie HUSTLERS (40:54), and all three wrap up with UNTOUCHABLE (57:45), the new Hulu documentary about Harvey Weinstein.


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"Hey, Jennifer...I think this movie we're shooting may actually be really bad..."

“Hey, Jennifer…I think this movie we’re shooting may actually be really bad…”

HEY-O! It’s an especially dirty episode this week as we tackle movies with explicit sex and plots that make us swear in disbelief. That’s right, gang! It’s THE BOY NEXT DOOR, the Jennifer Lopez comeback vehicle that, if there’s any justice, will soon be playing at midnight shows alongside THE ROOM. Kris and Dave could NOT believe how awful it is – and they highly recommend it. Plus, Evan lays out the coma-filled grief-sex feature SONG ONE, and Kris explains that, in many ways, STILL ALICE and CAKE are the same movie. Plus, we talk about LAW & ORDER: SVU, and we’d love to know from you what movies we should commentary.

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