The FYRE FESTIVAL documentaries on Netflix and Hulu, and Adam McKay’s VICE on Episode #238


Because everyone is talking about the Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix (FYRE) and Hulu (FYRE FRAUD), Kris, Dave, and Evan dive headlong into the two competing flicks (5:14). Think there isn’t enough Fyre disaster to support two documentaries? Think again! Then it’s onto Adam McKay’s VICE starring Christian Bale as Dick Cheney. Why is it Kris’ nomination as the worst movie to ever receive a Best Picture Oscar nomination? Explanations begin at 26:11. On our exclusive Patreon audio segment this week, we have a chat about how much we love the late Bill Paxton, and whether it’s possible to get the clap in space.


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Hateful Eight

It’s so fun watching Samuel L. Jackson play detective in THE HATEFUL EIGHT.

Merry Christmas from Spoilerpiece! Dave is out sick with a stomach bug, so Kris decides to share his own gross stomach bug experience out of solidarity. He and Evan then talk about the lush visuals and excellent craft in CAROL, a Todd Haynes movie that impressed their colleagues, but underwhelmed both of them with its inert plot. After that they review THE BIG SHORT, an unexpectedly sharp film about the financial crisis made by the same guy who did STEP BROTHERS and the ANCHORMAN movies. They wrap with their extensive thoughts on Quentin Tarantino’s latest picture THE HATEFUL EIGHT, a sadistic story that will forever change your perception of the song “Silent Night.”

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