John Boyega in DETROIT

John Boyega looking about as happy as the guys were watching DETROIT.

This week Dave admits why he’s way too excited about his car getting detailed, before Kris declares that his beard might be magical. Prior to the week’s main event, the guys serve up a heaping helping of recaps. Evan leads off with a segment of “Crewind,” where he offers his take on PHOENIX (6:06), a film that Dave spoilerpieced many moons ago. After he talks about his reaction to the German film’s incredible ending, he tackles SHINING THROUGH (10:35), the Melanie Griffith picture where she’s a sharp half-Jewish woman who spies on the Germans with Michael Douglas during World War II. Then Dave takes over with “Riedel’s Recaps” of I DON’T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE (20:43), a movie he liked more than Evan, who spoilerpieced it earlier this year, and THOR (24:41), which he was not impressed by. Finally, all three gents delve into DETROIT (34:01), Kathryn Bigelow’s chronicle of the brutality and murder at the Algiers Motel during the 1967 Detroit riot. In their commentary, the guys address criticisms leveled by other critics that the film is exploitative, while also sharing their personal reactions to it.


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This image is way cooler than anything that actually happens in THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT – Part 1.

The guys stumble onto their new band name this week before they talk about Evan’s vacation to LA, which involved lots of decadent eating. After a Garfield tangent, Evan and Kris ponder why so many people seem to get shot in the back during THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT – Part 1, a story they didn’t realize would be told in two parts. Kris then describes how Jeff Daniels is like his character in THE MARTIAN only evil, and about why he’s “one of those bad guys who has an adjective.” With all the film’s issues, Evan shares why he still prefers the series to THE HUNGER GAMES. Following a tangent about westerns, specifically YOUNG GUNS, the episode transitions into Dave and Evan discussing another 80s movie: WORKING GIRL. Evan has no idea how much Dave loves the film, and is totally unprepared for how well Dave can quote it. The two of them enjoy spoilerpiecing it for Kris with talk about Harrison Ford’s grimace, its memorable lines, and its portrayal of workplace politics.

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45 Years

Charlotte Rampling making one of the same faces Dave describes in 45 YEARS.

Dave has a new gig that he’s excited to finally share. After he talks a little about it, Evan and Kris spoil the shit out of GOODNIGHT MOMMY, a creepy film that uses space effectively to keep you on edge. Its intense torture scenes made Evan feel like he had to watch something more uplifting when he was done though. Sticking with unsettling movies, Kris describes ROAR, which he describes as “a thing of pure insanity.” This plot light picture has lots of cuts and lots of big cats. Although sadly, many cast and crew members were seriously injured in the process of making it. Dave changes the episode’s pace by discussing 45 YEARS, a very English, but very good film with Charlotte Rampling about a long marriage that suddenly finds itself on the rocks. Lastly, Evan closes things up by talking about DIRTY GRANDPA, a fucking awful movie that mainly just presents situations for Robert De Niro to be vulgar for no real reason. At least there’s good singing in this episode courtesy of Dave.

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