TOM CLANCY’S WITHOUT REMORSE, LIMBO, FOUR GOOD DAYS, and 2021 Oscars recap on Episode #355


This week we start by recapping our thoughts on the 2021 Oscars! We talk about he winners we loved, the nominees we wished won, the ceremony’s unconventional format, and the heartfelt acceptance speeches that moved us. Next, we discuss Rodrigo García’s FOUR GOOD DAYS (22:47), a challenging and raw mother/daughter drama about addiction, starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis. After that, we review LIMBO (37:11), Ben Sharrock’s disarmingly moving, poignant, and compelling drama about a Syrian refugee (Amir El-Masry) stuck in rural Scotland while he awaits his asylum request. We wrap up with TOM CLANCY’S WITHOUT REMORSE (49:37), Stefano Sollima’s disappointing action flick starring Michael B. Jordan. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we review the winner of our hair poll: Paddy Breathnach’s 2001 film BLOW DRY.


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JUST MERCY and 1917 on Episode #287

Michael B. Jordan looking worried in the movie Just Mercy
Michael B. Jordan says so much with his face in JUST MERCY

It’s January, normally a moviegoing dead zone, but this week sees the wide releases of JUST MERCY (3:02), an anti-capital punishment picture starring Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, and Jamie Foxx. Yay for prestige flicks opening for the masses! Then it’s 1917 (22:53), the much-written-about Sam Mendes pseudo one-shot movie sort-of based on his grandfather’s experiences fighting for England in WWI. And please check out our Patreon! ( The exclusive audio content this week is on the much-beloved ROBOCOP, which one of our Selectpiece patrons chose for us.

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CREED II, THE OUTLAW KING, and SIMON AND THEODORE with Sean Burns on Episode #228

Wood Harris and a team in warmup suits escort Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed wearing a red boxing robe in the film Creed II.
Michael B. Jordan returns as Adonis Creed in CREED II (aka ROCKY IV – PART III).

Kris laments the dangers of tweeting niche puns and searching for yourself on Twitter with Evan and special guest Sean Burns before they dig into this week’s movies. They kick things off with a “Crewind,” where Sean finally satisfies his curiosity about whether Paul Schrader’s FIRST REFORMED (3:30) really is an “Evan movie” or not. Then he and Kris describe the utterly dull OUTLAW KING (13:00), a forgettable movie that covers similar cinematic material to BRAVEHEART without any of its showmanship. Next Evan wraps up his coverage of the Boston Jewish Film Festival (21:00) by reviewing their entertaining Israeli TV binge and the cute French film SIMON & THÉODORE. And finally, by the time the bell sounds for this week’s main event CREED II (32:00), one of the guys finds himself on a different side of the ring than the other two, and who it is might surprise you.


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BLACK PANTHER and sports movies with special guest Matt Goisman on Episode #188!

Black Panther movie poster

With great visuals, performances, and subtext, Ryan Coogler’s BLACK PANTHER has it all.

It’s a one-movie show this week, but boy what a movie! The guys are joined by Cape Cod Times sportswriter and lifelong comics enthusiast Matt Goisman, who gives his view of what makes a worthwhile sports movie before they all jump into the main event. BLACK PANTHER (13:15), Ryan Coogler’s mighty impressive statement on the long-term effects of colonialism that asks if it is possible for utopia to exist, should it? And oh yeah, it’s a superhero movie to boot. With amazing visuals, rich performances, and thoughtful subtext wrapped in an entertaining package, BLACK PANTHER is one to see whether you’re into Marvel movies or not.


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CREED, THE GOOD DINOSAUR with bonus PLANES, TRAINS, & AUTOMOBILES, and every ROCKY movie on Episode #72


CREED is fantastic, and so is Michael B. Jordan.

Happy Thanksgiving! We at Spoilerpiece couldn’t help but launch into a short riff about the beauty of John Hughes’ PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES. It’s that time of year, and it’s also funny to hear Steve Martin say, “I do not play with my balls.” Then Kris and Evan get into THE GOOD DINOSAUR, which, to hear them tell it, ain’t a good movie. And finally, Kris spoilerpieces the hell out of CREED, the new ROCKY movie that is apparently better than it has any right to be. There’s also a Henry update and a brief installment of “Riedel’s Recaps.” Hope everyone didn’t eat themselves sick!

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This poster is more exciting than the entire movie of FANTASTIC FOUR

On this week’s episode Kris shares his plans to weaponize peeing babies with Dave and Evan, before Evan tears FANTASTIC FOUR a new one. The film is terrible in many ways, but Evan just can’t let go of one particularly obnoxious plot hole. After the three of them engage in some Tenacious D-inspired swearing, Dave talks about SHAUN THE SHEEP, a delightful movie that everyone should see. Kris then discusses how Meryl Streep’s Republican grocery store cashier safely rebels through rock music in the confusing RICKI AND THE FLASH. Somehow that leads to Dave and Evan singing about squirrels. Finally, Evan closes everything out with THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT, a picture that would work better as a documentary, rockumentary, or shockumentary than the flat, repetitive narrative that it is. For some reason all the roads lead back to urine and squirrels in this episode.

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