Left to right: Julianne Moore as Margaret and Matt Damon as Gardner in SUBURBICON, from Paramount Pictures and Black Bear Pictures.

Julianne Moore and Matt Damon in SUBURBICON, a movie that would have been better if the Coen Brothers made it in the 80s.

This week the guys reminisce about long-gone insults of yesteryear before Kris offers a unique barb of his own design. For the movies, Evan delivers a “Crewind” of G.I. JANE (5:00), the Ridley Scott picture where Demi Moore is a badass Navy SEAL in training trapped in a story that gets a little muddled with conspiracy plots. Next Dave covers TOO FUNNY TO FAIL (17:17), a rollicking documentary on Hulu about the short-lived DANA CARVEY SHOW that explains that the inspiration for some of the show’s best sketches while reflecting on its failure. Then the guys take on SUBURBICON (28:35), a George Clooney film that borrows an old Coen Brothers script, but fails to imitate them effectively. While they chide it for being too heavy-handed and trying to cover too much narrative ground, they can all agree that Oscar Isaac injects much-needed vitality into his brief scenes.


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Episode #45: MAD MEN, 2015 HORROR, and TOMORROWLAND

Britt Robertson in TOMORROWLAND

Britt Robertson at her least annoying in TOMORROWLAND

This week the Spoilerpiece Hotline receives a call from Dave?! He has a special message for our listeners, so please excuse the audio quality. Then guest Dede Crimmins joins Evan and Kris to talk about the MAD MEN series finale, the state of horror movies in 2015, and the Brad Bird film TOMORROWLAND starring George Clooney. If you don’t want MAD MEN spoilers, fast forward to 13:20, where you’ll hear Dede tell the guys about 2015’s hits and misses in horror. You can also learn the plural of Duplass and why THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE is “the most tasteful ass to mouth you can find in the theatre.” While talking about horror, the gang swaps stories about movies that scared each of them growing up and Dede shares how she got into writing about horror. Everything gets wrapped up with discussion about TOMORROWLAND, which everyone thought was an overbearing pessimistic film with delusions of Randian and Orwellian grandeur.

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