Keke Palmer stands in the middle of a field looking distressed with Daniel Kaluuya and Brandon Perea standing behind her in the movie NopeThis week we kick things off with Jordan Peele’s latest film NOPE (2:12), delving right into spoiler territory on this intriguing horror film. Next, we tackle Charlotte Colbert’s gorgeous horror film SHE WILL (16:35), which follows a recovering actor (Alice Krige) who gains supernatural powers while recovering from cancer surgery in the Scottish countryside. We wrap up with Billy Porter’s directorial debut, ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE (28:12), a joyous and moving rom-com about a trans teen (Eva Reign) navigating her senior year of high school. And in this week’s Patreon exclusive audio, we’re talking about the 1997 Robert Zemeckis film CONTACT, starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey in honor of its 25th anniversary!


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Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith in “Queen & Slim.”

Before we get into tha main flix this week, we get into the various mispronunciations of each co-host’s last name. You know what never stops frosting your ass? GETTING YOUR NAME SAID INCORRECTLY YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Anyspray, after that series of gripes, Megan breaks down ATLANTICS (6:03), and QUEEN & SLIM (15:04). Finally, everyone saw KNIVES AND SKIN (33:00)…or, rather, two-thirds of the gang saw it. And one-third saw most it. Is KNIVES AND SKIN a shit show? What’s that saying about the pope and the woods?

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WIDOWS, BOY ERASED, PRIVATE LIFE, and more with special guest Megan Kearns on Episode #226

Viola Davis stands in a trenchcoat holding a Post-it note, while Cynthia Erivo stands leaning against a punching bag in workout clothes in the Steve McQueen film Widows

Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo are incredible in Steve McQueen’s heist film WIDOWS

This week, our friend Megan Kearns returns to the show! She kicks things off with PRIVATE LIFE (3:02), a frank and moving depiction of a couple’s attempts to conceive. Next is Evan with LIFE WITHOUT BASKETBALL (7:37), a documentary about a Muslim American woman who faces discriminatory rules regarding dress, preventing her from advancing her basketball career. Then, Kris runs us through SALEM’S LOT (11:31), the classic spooky miniseries based on the Stephen King story, as well as Orson Welles’s THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND (15:33), a film forty years in the making. It’s a true masterpiece, argues Kris, and you should all see it on Netflix now. Then, Kris and Evan look at BOY ERASED (21:48), Joel Edgerton’s film about  gay conversion therapy, with some good qualities but an unfortunate amount of overlap with THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST. Last up, all three get less and less enthusiastic about Steve McQueen’s WIDOWS (40:11).


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GET OUT, Psycho Stalker Weekend, and “Keepin’ Up with the Jensons” on Episode #137

Daniel Kaluuya in Jordan Peele's fantastic directorial debut GET OUT.

Daniel Kaluuya is hypnotized in Jordan Peele’s fantastic directorial debut GET OUT.

This week Evan learns the meaning of the term “hippie lettuce” and the results are mind blowing, well to him anyway. Kris opens with a segment of “Keepin’ up with the Jensons” (at 4:40) where he talks about how great the performances in FENCES are and why he didn’t mind the Google Earth portions in LION as much as other people. Next, Evan shares his psycho stalker weekend. No he didn’t stalk anyone. He just watched THE BOY NEXT DOOR, FATAL ATTRACTION, and SINGLE WHITE FEMALE within two days and dug them all for their unhinged villains and insane plot twists. Lastly, the guys review the horror film GET OUT (at 30:38), Jordan Peele’s tremendous directorial debut, which they all had the privilege of seeing. They have so much fun spoilerpiecing their screening’s engaged audience, the sense of terrifying dread that Peele creates, and all of the subtle foreshadowing Peele lays down for the frightening events that follow, that they end up running a little longer than usual.


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